Éyaa by Leslie Rivas ltd, A Canadian based company manufactures therapeutic undergarments for women of all ages and sizes to treat abdominal and lower back pain. Our products help with Endometriosis, Menstrual Cramps, Post-Surgical Pain, Lower Back Pain.

Éyaa is a patented revolutionary pain relief product for women and teens. By fusing a light, comfortable undergarment with an internal pouch for the removable and reusable heating pad, Éyaa provides natural pain relief..hands-free!

Founder Leslie Rivas, invented  Éyaa out of sheer necessity. Her mission is to revolutionize pain relief methods for all women and young teens.”I used to suffer tremendously from menstrual cramps and found that nothing out there gave me natural pain relief on the go. As a busy mom of two, I couldnt stay in bed and wait for the pain to subside, so I invented the product to make my life easier. Throughout time, I realized that women who suffer from not only menstrual cramps but reproductive illnesses also benefitted from the product. Women with Endometriosis and other reproductive illnesses enjoyed the benefit of having natural pain relief without intruding on their daily lives”

Company Mission Statement
We strive to provide innovative products to all women by revolutionizing current methods of pain relief, raise awareness and make a difference in women’s health