To Activate

  1. Place metal disc between forefinger and thumb and press against to “click” metal disc.
  2. The Heating Pad will heat up and start crystallizing

To Re-activate

  1. Place heating pad in boiling water on top of a dishcloth (to prevent contact with heating pad and pot/pan) and set between 9-12 minutes
  2. Set aside to allow heating pad time to cool down
  3. Once the heating pad becomes completely liquefied, it is ready for usage. (repeat steps to activate)
  4. If the Heating Pad is not completely liquefied, it must be placed in boiling water again until liquefied.

Providing natural and safe thermotherapeutic relief without side effects or restrictions, Éyaa will make life easier in just minutes!

Éyaa’s easy to activate! Just click the heating pad, insert it into your pouch and enjoy the heat!


  • Undergarment with built-in pouch
  • High waist, mid thigh garment
  • Insertable heating pad
  • Fully activates in seconds
  • Instant therapeutic heat relief as soon as applied
  • Long lasting hot/cold therapy
  • Non-toxic
  • Unlimited usage
  • Can be reversed to treat lower back pain