Eyaa has transformed my life. Working at a desk daily for 8hrs aggravates my back. Especially during those days where the pain is unbearable, I slip my heating pad in and it automatically soothes the pain. Thanks to Eyaa I no longer rely on pills and not only use it during that time of the month but also when my back is sore. THANK YOU!
D. Debartolo, Ontario
Thank you so much creating Eyaa, I have suffered tremendously from cramps and back pains and purchased everything available. Before Eyaa I missed work and was strapped to my bed. Eyaa answered my prayers and has made a huge difference as it reduced the pain tremendously! It helped with my cramps and lower back pains. I couldn’t believe how long it lasted. THANK YOU
Diane T, Winners Manager
Thank you so much for bringing ‘Eyaa’ to the forefront. Being in my mid 40’s, I noticed my body has changed significantly since I was in my 30’s. I now have horrible cramps. I couldn’t even move from the couch to get my heating pad. Thanks to you I didn’t have to do a thing! Within seconds the warmth decreased the cramps and I was able to walk around, do dishes and sit without having to remove it or unplug it. My life continued while I wore Eyaa. I even wore it to bed and slept thru the night! Truly amazing!
Lora-Lee Boem, Shaw
Thank you for introducing my uterus to Eyaa ! It is amazing. I have suffered for many years with horrible cramps and nothing would help . Eyaa is amazing and so convenient. Within seconds my cramps were gone and I was able function without being stuck in bed !!!! I recommend this product to all women ! It kept me warmer than my husband ! Lol !
Katrina Lecavalier, Rogers ITS